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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poor Sammy


 This is my cat, Sammy.  He's an awesome cat, and I love him...except in the middle of the night.  I hate him then.  He insists on sleeping ON my pillow.  It doesn't really matter that I'm the only person in the entire's my pillow he wants.  I've tried to set him up with his own pillow, but's not good enough.  My pillow is apparently the perfect pillow.  When Alaina sleeps with me, he sometimes lays on her pillow, but she doesn't trust him so she wakes me up so that I'll move him.  He bites her when she touches's quite funny actually.  She can't touch him anywhere on his body without getting swiped or bit.  Kaden can pet him and touch him, but not on his stomach.  NO ONE touches Sammy's stomach if they value their hand.  

Anyway, Sammy really only likes to drink fresh water...preferably straight from the tap.  Occasionally he'll drink from someone's glass, but it usually gets spilled, so we try to keep him away from them.  Joe says I've developed this habit, but I just give him what he needs, so I'm not sure I've really developed the habit.  So, today when I got home from work, I came in the house and noticed that Sammy wasn't around.  He usually greets me shortly after I come home, but today, nada.  I thought that he must be downstairs or hiding from Bosco (the evil Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix), so I went about my business.  A few minutes later I went into the bathroom, and low and behold there was Sammy.  He got locked in the bathroom for the entire day!  That's 10 hours because I went to the grocery after work.  Stupid cat's stupid habit got him locked in the bathroom.  But what I thought was the funniest part of this situation was this:
After being locked in the bathroom for 10 hours, he just wanted a drink.  Stupid cat!  

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