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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Accountability 2/17/10

So, today wasn't the best day workout-wise, but I got caught up in my coupon clipping and filing.  I was REALLY behind. 

I was pretty sore from the 10 Minute Trainer workout from Monday, so I thought (excuse) that I would take the day off of working out.  I know, bad, lame, poor excuse, but it's mine so I'm using it.

B/F: handful of Kashi Autumn Wheat
Lunch: 1 cup vegetable soup with oyster crackers
Dinner: Veggie Delight from Subway, bag Southwest Ranch Baked Lays, 1 1/2 cup soy milk
Snack: handful Blue Corn tortilla chips

As I mentioned, my coupon binder is up to date and I have lists for the following stores:

Shop n Save (it's coupon Thursday this week)
Country Mart
True Value (bird seed is cheep cheep this week--get it?  Yes, I'm a dork)
Buchheit's (going price shopping on dog food)

I'll keep you posted on my gorgeous savings!

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