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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Resolution

 Back in early January, I posted my personal goals for 2010.  Well, it's a new month, so I'm incorporating a new habit.  For February I'll be "learning to use a budget."  I've started some prep work on this and have been tracking all my expenses (down to that dang soda machine) for the month of January, so I'll be able to more accurately place correct amounts in the various categories.  I guess my biggest fear is the grocery budget.  Since I've did the Eat from the Pantry Challenge for January, I didn't spend as much on groceries as I normally would have; however, I still have plenty of pantry stock left...with the exception of some staples...that I probably won't need to go this month as much either. 

Anyway, I'll be adding some various information to my Accountability postings.  This is a big step for me as I'm not one to share finances, but in order to be held accountable, it's something that I have to do. 

My preliminary goal is to be debt free, except for the Jeep and the house by July 2011.  I'm still evaluating whether this is too lofty of a goal.  I want to set an actual reachable goal.  I know that it will be a major change in spending, and I'm definitely willing to do that. 

Well, wish me luck!  And, what's your goal for February?


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  1. I admire you being so dedicated to changing your life. It really does take a lot of dedication and sacrifice to reach meaningful goals.

    I guess my number one goal for February is to continue to be dedicated to working out. It may seem superficial but, let me tell you, having 3 kids (2 in 3 years-actually, 2 years and 2 days apart) has definitely put a toll on my body. I don't want to be too embarassed this summer to wear summer dresses, tanktops, etc.

    I also want to continue to make at least 3 meal a week for our family. I think this has really helped with our family time and I know that it has helped in my grocery bill. I have become more cognizant of prices, buy in bulk when on sale and I TRY to have a coupon for sale items (Thanks to you!!).