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Monday, February 15, 2010

Look Who the Cat Drug In...

Well, well, it is nearly two weeks since my last post and what do I have to say for myself?  Nothing.  Nada. Nil.  No excuse.  Just pure non-motivation.

So, to catch up...actually, I'm not going to play catch up.  I'm too busy doing that with my laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and dusting.  The past week and a half has been pitiful.  So unmotivated, it's embarrassing.  Even my poor son noticed.  He asked for oatmeal for breakfast.  Turns out we ran out.  And, to top it off, even after I knew this, I couldn't muster the energy to make a trip to the grocery.  So sad.

But, back to Monday!  Today, I dug out of my funk and completed the following:

Woke up to a couple inches of snow.  Shoveled the carport.  Left for work.  Half way there, I realized I forgot my laptop.  Turned around, went home, and left again.  Got to work an hour late.  Did work...sorta.  Left an hour and a half early to visit an assisted living facility with my sisters and dad.  (He decided, in a total shock to us, that he would move in--no battle.)  Came home and started laundry.  Worked out.  Cooked myself a quick dinner.  And now, here I am, sitting here switching between The Drama Queen Jake the Bachelor and the Olympics.  Bode Miller got the Bronze!

I feel that I must share such an eventful day since today's activities have surpassed the past week-and-half's activities combined.

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