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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things I've Learned The Day After Thursday

Look at that!  I missed A LOT of "Things I've Learned Thursdays," but I AM NOT BEHIND!  I'm just picking up where I left off.

  1. When you read that you should have six months of paychecks in the bank "just in case," believe it.
  2. A crabby hen sitting on a nest is called "broody," and they are NOT nice.
  3. Driving through the backroads of the southeast/central eastern part of Missouri with the top and doors off the Jeep is amazing.  It's a beautiful part of the country.
  4. Miniature donkey babies are C-U-T-E. [pictures coming soon]
  5. The landmark Tower Rock near Altenburg, Missouri, is so neat.  Check out the link.
  6. Since restarting my Tupperware business, I sense I've become more motivated, and, dare I say, organized.
That's it for now.  I'm missing my bloggy days...hopefully, I can make time for a little more.