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Monday, February 1, 2010

PDQ Pot Pie

PDQ Pot Pie


Let me preface this recipe with:  I'm a vegetarian, so most everything I make does not contain meat; although you can add chicken to almost anything I make and call it a tasty meal!

So, I started with:

1 package Extra Firm tofu $3.29 (this is the only item I didn't get on sale or with a coupon)
1 box ready to bake pie crust $1.25
1 envelope Mushroom Gravy $.59
1 package frozen mixed vegetables $.62

Bake the bottom crust in a pie plate.  While that is baking, crumble tofu and saute with a bit of olive oil until dry, make the gravy according to package directions, and drop the frozen veggies in some water bringing to a boil.

When the pie crust is finished, drain the veggies, pour the veggies, gravy and tofu in the bottom crust and stir gently.  Put the top crust on the pie, poke some vent holes in the top crust, and bake on 450 for 20 minutes.  I covered the edge of the pie plate with a cover (or you can use aluminum foil) after 10 minutes to prevent burning.

Although this picture doesn't really do this dish justice, I can assure you that it is yummy!!  If you've never tried tofu, this is a quick, easy and yummy dish to try.  I admit that I was a tofu doubter, but it really is good.  I don't eat a whole lot of it, but the dishes that I do try it in are really good.  I have a GREAT recipe for spinach lasagna that uses tofu in place of ricotta cheese.  The texture is the same, so you really don't even know the difference.  I'll make that next week!


Total cost per serving:  $.96  That's less than $1 per serving!  That's one dinner and an entire work week of lunches for less than $6!  I find that awesome!

I hope you try this recipe!  Be brave, try some tofu!  And let me know what you think when you do!


  1. This looks really, really good but I don't know about the tofu. I've never tasted it before and am just a little scared of it. Love the pie crust idea, though!

  2. You should try tofu. I was very doubtful the first time, especially because it's pretty gross feeling when you crumble it up, but it's actually pretty good. It really takes on the flavor of whatever it is that you cook it with. In this dish, it took on the flavor of the gravy. The gravy packet I bought came from Save A Lot, which I think has lots more salt than other name brands kinds, so the blandness of the tofu actually helped absorb some of the salty taste. Although if you're still doubtful, you can easily substitute shredded chicken for the tofu and have a healthified pot pie. Let me know if you try it!