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Monday, February 15, 2010

Accountability 2/15/10

Workout:  Three 10-Minute Trainer Workouts -- Cardio, Lower Body, Abs  
This is a Tony Horton workout as well, and compared to the Cardio X workout, I liked this one better.  I do like the Abs workout from the 10 minute trainer better than the P90X Abs workout though.  I need to find the right mix.  I like P90X, but I'm just not completely pleased with the workout.  I'm definitely seeing results, but I think I would like more cardio.  I'm going to spend this week trying to figure out a schedule.  Now that basketball is over (Thank Goodness!), I have four nights a week back, so it should be easier.

B/F: a handful of Kashi Autumn Wheat, coffee with creamer
Lunch: 1 1/2 cup homemade vegetable soup

Dinner: one tomato & basil veggie burger topped with 1/4 cup pasta sauce, one box Green Giant immunity blend veggies, 1 cup soy milk
Snacks: about 6 Archer Farms blue corn tortilla chips (my absolute favorite salty snack)

Dr. Pepper will be the death of me.  I had half of a medium size DP today.  I can say no to chocolate, to ice cream, to McDonald's french fries, to meat at Taco Bell, to BACON for crying out loud (everyone knows that everything is better with bacon), but to Dr. I can't...or is it I won't?  If everyone is allowed a vice, should I let Dr. Pepper be mine?  Seriously?

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