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Monday, January 25, 2010

Workout Accountability

So, I was talking to my bestest bud, Michelle, this morning.  We were discussing how posting things as your status on facebook or discussing them in your blog becomes a method of holding yourself accountable for things.  For example, we have another friend, April (check out her blog here) who frequently posts the workout/exercise she has completed for each day.  Honestly, at first, I didn't understand this.  (Please don't take offense to that April, none is intended.)  However, after I caught myself looking for April's daily facebook posts announcing her workout for the day, I got all analytical.  (Imagine that!  Not you, Nickie!  You get analytical?  Never!)

Why would I be looking for this daily announcement?  Why would April post this information daily?  Oh, stupid Nickie, because she's holding herself accountable!  And asking us to do the same!  Duh!  (She probably even announced that and I missed it!)

So guess what?  I'm copying April's idea....I'm posting my daily workout so that I, too, can be held accountable.  To whom?  Not really sure yet...I suppose for now, myself!  Until YOU (all of my 10 followers, myself included) start holding yourself accountable and posting your workout in the comments section!

I'm going to backtrack a bit since my workout week actually starts on Saturday (my rest day has to be on Fridays until basketball season is over).  I'm starting with Saturday, Sunday and Monday workouts.  From this point forward, I'll just do a daily post.  Seriously, won't you join me? 

Saturday -- Kenpo X (a P90X workout - 58 mins)

Sunday -- 20 minutes ultra high intensity...for me...elliptical (I was REALLY stressed and needed to GET IT OUT!), ran on the track for 3/4 mile and walked 1/4 mile...mind you, I am NOT a runner so this was great for me... and then attempted the Chest & Back P90X workout (52 mins), but my back was pretty sore from the Kenpo workout, so "I did my best and forgot the rest!" and Ab Ripper X (16 mins).

Monday -- Plyometrics (58 mins) - another P90X workout that is so freakin' tough but so good!  It's jump training so there's lots of high impact exercises -- not good for people with knee problems which isn't me right now, thank goodness...I'm having left shoulder issues for some stupid reason...I'm right-handed.  I have NO clue how I hurt my left shoulder.  My doc said I have tendinitis which will probably require surgery at some point.  What?  some point?  Like when I'm 50?  Whatever....

So, that's my workout accountability post for the day.  See you all tomorrow!

Oh...and I'm not going to be shy here...please someone join me!  Be accountable with me... I need to know that someone's reading this thing....

Another thing...this won't be the only "accountability" posting that you'll see.  Eventually, I'm going to post my financial accountability, my reading accountability, and my personal accountability which will include organizational/housekeeping/take-back-your-life-sorts-of-things accountability!  Ooo, I can't wait!  (by the way, I had to ask my 9 yr old how to spell "Ooo"... she rolled her eyes and said, "Capital O, lower case o, lower case o" and rolled her eyes again...what happened to my sweet baby girl who I knew more than?)


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  1. Ha, good job, Nickie! I actually got the idea from Lea Anne Sifford (Sigma). The first week of the new year she started asking what we were doing. It kept me motivated because I REALLY didn't want to put that I had done nothing for the day. I figured that if it motivated me, it might motivate some of my other friends, too. It definitely is an accountability to myself and to everyone else BUT I also wanted it to be a guilt-free thing, too. If I can't work out that day, then I just get back to it then next day instead of thinking "Now, I blew it". So, here goes . . .

    Sunday-Level 2 of the Shred with Jillian Michaels

    Monday-30 minutes on the treadmill and 40 crunches

    Tuesday-heading out to 1 hour Step class right now.

    Keep up the good work!