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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Walmart Trip 01/21/10

So here are my awesome deals from Walmart today!

I got 9 bottles of All laundry detergent, Olay facial moisturizer, one Downy Wrinkle Releaser travel size, one Tide travel size, and (not shown) a 6 pk double roll Quilted Northern toilet tissue.  I paid $18.21 with tax!  Proof once again that this couponing game is SO worth playing!!

3 All detergent, regularly $3.97, priced matched the Big Lots ad for $2.50 and used a $1 off coupon x 3
FINAL PRICE $1.50 each
6 All detergent, regularly $3.97, priced matched the Big Lots ad for $2.50 and used a $3 off 2 coupon x 3
1 Tide travel size, regularly $.97, used a $1 off coupon
FINAL PRICE $.03 overage
1 Downy Wrinkle Releaser, regularly $1.47, used a FREE coupon
1 2oz. Olay facial moisturizer, regularly $6.97, clearance for $5, used a $1 off coupon
1 6pk. double roll Quilted Northern toilet tissue, regularly $4.42, priced matched Big Lots ad for 3/$10

Regular Price = $49.56
OOP = $16.81
(It's doesn't add up...I think she scanned a $1 coupon twice and accepted it :)


I needed detergent SO bad!  I hadn't bought any detergent since the last time I stocked up back in September when I got Purex (my new favorite brand) for $1 a bottle at double coupon day at Kmart.  I was on my last bottle, so when I saw this deal I knew I had to jump on it!  Hopefully I'm set for a few months again!


This is the best Walmart trip I've made in a long time...


  1. So, how do you coupon match? Do all stores do this?

  2. For price matching, you just take in the competitor's ad, and the cashier will adjust the price accordingly. You just have to be sure that the item description (and sometimes even picture) match the item your trying to purchase. Since there's a Big Lots in Festus, I didn't have any problems price matching. Some stores have policies about which stores they'll price match against. Just check out the store's coupon policy on their website to find out each one's details. They're all different.

    I know that Target, Walmart, and I'm pretty sure Schnuck's price match; but Shop n Save does not. Other than that, I'm not sure.

  3. I was proud of myself today. I got 2 tubes of toothpast for $0.75/ea. 1 Crest and 1 Colgate but they were both on sale and I had a coupon for them. I also got a Fresh Steamers bag of veggies that I had a coupon and on sale.