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Monday, January 11, 2010

Look What Was in my Mailbox!

I was pleasantly surprised today when I got home from work.  The kids always get the mail for me as they get off the bus, so today when I came home, there was a large, stuffed envelope on the counter!  This is what was in it!

How cool!

I took the advice of STLMommy (Kim) and took some time to write emails to some companies whose products I really like.  This was the third thing that Cascadian Farms sent me.  The first two things were envelopes with coupons in them, but this one was great!  It contained a t-shirt (even in my size), and full box of chocolate chip granola bars (my kids' favorites) with a $1 off 2 boxes, and a personal, hand-written note that said, "Dear Nicole, Thank you for your nice words in your email.  Enjoy your gift and have a Happy New Year.  Kathy"

I'm not sure who Kathy is, but I really wish I could thank her.  This is customer service!  If you haven't tried Cascadian Farms granola bars, you must!  They are so incredibly good!  I'm actually having withdrawals for my favorite flavor, the Sweet & Salty peanut!  So, so yummy!  since I'm on the Pantry Challenge, I can't buy anymore since I've run out.  :(  I'll definitely be on the lookout for good deals next month!  

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