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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Peaceful Slumber

As I was writing the Avon Walk post, my baby girl...I realize she's 9, but gosh she'll always be my baby...fell asleep next to me.

 How can it get more peaceful and adorable?

 Oh, that's how.  Cripes look at the size of that ear! EEK...and her hand looks creepy, but that's just the angle of the camera.  I hope.

Then, I started looking around the room.

Another peaceful sleeper.  (Never mind the mess.  My baby from above didn't pick her American Girl mess up from today.)

 But not this one.  Apparently, the movement and strange noises coming from my camera were mistaken for the potential for food.  He never misses the opportunity for a snack!  OH!  And that's my shoe in the background.  I guess it's another "mess" not picked up today.  Sorry, Mom.

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