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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Pictures in 2010!

So, there's a movement on Facebook...among my dorky friends anyway (no offense to my FB friends :), to go retro with your profile pic.  Of course, I resisted...until I started thinking about my pics as a kid and how I don't think my kids have ever seen them.  I went to the lowly stash of childhood photos that I have of a youngest of three girls, there aren't many...(you should see my sister Roxann's "stash" of photos...first born kids suck!) and found one that I thought would be perfect for my throwback profile pic.

OMG...even I can see myselfn this picture!  Holy crap, I look just like that right now.  As I'm curling my lip (or whatever Joe calls it), waiting for my stupid picture to be taken.  I'm sure that my sister, Tammy, was on the other side of the camera.  There's another one that shows both of us all dolled up in eye makeup proudly showing off our kittens to the camera...but, alas, I couldn't find it...probably in Tammy's stash.

But this led me to start thinking about the years that have passed since this photograph and how much has happened not only in my life, but in the world.  For pete's sake Elvis was still alive when this was taken!  Where does the time go?  Coincidentally, today I stumbled across this posting from Mandi at Organizing Your Way, in which she suggests that we should take more pictures in 2010.  Which reminded me of how bitter sour irritated bothered I wish there would be more photos of my childhood.  So, I am vowing to TAKE MORE PICTURES IN 2010.  Although I really, really, really, really (and I mean really) want a DSLR camera (did you get that Joe?), I'm going to learn how to use the features on my camera to take better (read more) photos.

Here's another kid photo for you:

I spent lots of time playing in this drawer according to my sisters.  My favorite play spot!

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