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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Word is out...

So, this morning (very early...too early this morning) I was woken by the incessant barking of our little dog, Bosco.  Seeing very clearly that I wasn't going to get to go back to sleep until I investigated, I got out of bed to find this in the yard:

I think word is out.  The animal underground has heard of Havoc Hill.  I imagine it goes something like this:

Stray, hungry dog mosies up to a chubby raccoon, "Hey, know any place I can crash tonight?"  Raccoon responds, "Yea, those nice people with all the critters down the road will help you out.  They have this great chow made out of fish and sweet potatoes.  I heard it costs $50 a bag!  Something about one of their dogs has a sensitive stomach....anyway, that chow is good stuff!  They'll feed you and give you a nice place to stay."  (At least that's how the conversation went in my head!)

So this morning, I had to make a decision.  What was I going to do with this stray dog?  Unfortunately, we really can't keep everything that wanders to our house.  I really wish we could, but we just can't.  This morning, we had to take this sweet dog to the county animal control.  The good news is my county animal control has an AMAZING return to owner/adoption rate of 98%!  The national average is less than 25%, so there's nearly a gaurantee this guy will find his way back home or find a better one than what he had.

So, for any of you local readers who may be looking for a new pet..there's a good dog available that really likes dog food made out of fish and sweet potatoes! :)


  1. Hello:

    I write this comment because like a year and a half ago I lost my dog, and he looks very similar to that one on this pic. He's name it's Bosco too. So please if you could help me with this I appreciate it so much, I miss so much my dog/friend Bosco.

    My email it's:

    Have a great weekend, and thank you in advance!!!!

  2. can you see if the dog answers to the name Havoc
    and if so email me please