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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Because I can't come up with my own creative ideas...rather I don't have time to create my own lavish plans...I'm copying an idea from Chris over at Notes from the Trenches

Everyday, (yes, I know what you're thinking...everyday Nickie?  Really?  Entire moons came and went with nary a post from you.)...uh hum...Everyday, for the month of July (which also happens to be my birth month...yea, when did birthdays become birth months?  I don't know, but I like it. So there.) I'm going to post a picture with a caption. 

That may be the only thing posted for that day, but I promise I'll try to uphold my vow.  (I'm really not so good with vows, but I'll give this one a whirl.)

The fine print...I'm just figuring out how to post via SMS or MMS (I really don't even know what those acronyms really mean) from my iPhone, so until I get that nailed down, don't go holding your breath waiting for the daily post.  I won't be responsible for any dizziness or headaches that result if said advice is not heeded.

So here's the FIRST one (get it, it's July FIRST...again, copying from Chris):

A moment in time that I wish I could hold forever.  Sunkissed cheeks, sheer joy at just being a kid, blue raspberry snowcones, childhood happiness twinkling in their eyes.  A moment they actually weren't trying to maim one another. 


  1. Hello! I am your newest follower from FFF:-) Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Hi! I'm your newest follower from FF - love your blog! Hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin