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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tenth - II

So, last night at the County Fair, someone was GIVING away baby bunnies, kittens, and puppies. There were all these kids walking around with little critters, some of which I'm certain were not even of weaning age. But, regardless, I was upset to say the least, being the animal lover/rescuer that I am. Well, as we were walking to our car, I spotted what I thought was a bunny walking around in the parking lot. Turns out it was this:


  1. Did you save it, Nickie?! Tyler won one of the bunnies...they're loving it! Although I'm sure some didn't make it into a loving home.

  2. Yes, we brought her, or him, home. His/her name is Oliver or Olly whichever it turns out to be. We were going to get a "barn" cat soon anyway, but just not wanting to get it quite yet. It just meant that we had to get another one to keep Olly company since they stay outside. His name is Checkers. So this completes our "pets" in order of appearance: Jersey, Sammy, Stains, Bosco, Rainy, Tater Tot, Fiver, Spooks, 7 chickens, Olly, and Checkers. Look for the two mini horses and two mini donkeys soon...I think we're going to run out of names...