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Thursday, December 31, 2009


So...Kaden has been asking for his "own" dog for a while now.  I've put him off saying that until Minnie, our foster dog, got adopted, we couldn't get another dog.  Kaden started watching Dogs 101 on Animal Planet trying to decide on the perfect dog breed for him.  He kept telling me, "Mom, Dogs 101 really helps a person decide what type of dog is perfect for them."  I knew I was in trouble.  Everyday when I'd come home from work for three weeks, there was Kaden planted in front of the DVR watching the latest episodes of Dogs 101.  He'd even rewatch the episodes that had dog breeds that he really liked.  I had asked the kids to put their Christmas lists on my iPhone about a month before Christmas.  Kaden informed me about two weeks prior to Christmas that he needed to edit his list.  When I checked it, I found "dog" had been added....[sigh]

About a week before Christmas, I found out that Minnie was being placed into a new foster home that was more suitable to her needs.  I knew this meant trouble for me.  I knew that when Kaden got wind of this, the incessant nagging would begin.  Right about this same time, Kaden announced that he had finally decided on his top four dogs.  This is what was presented to me:  1. Chihuahua 2. Jack Russell 3. Pug  4. Border collie.
Bear in mind that we have two Australian Shepherds.  Of course, being the dog lover that I am, I quickly surveyed the list and almost immediately crossed off the last three breeds.  Not that I don't like these dogs, in fact, I think they are all great dogs, just not for me.  Jack's can be too high strung for me, Pugs can have health issues which I'm not financially prepared for, and, frankly, I'm scared of Borders.  They are so intense, I am afraid to have one, plus the fact that we already have two Aussies, put them out of the running.  That left me with the Chihuahua.  Well, here he is:

Bosco is a Chihuahua / Boston Terrier mix.  We found him at Rico's Rescue.  So far, he's been a fabulous addition to the family.  Jersey tolerates him...not sure if she really likes him, but she tolerates him.  Although she did put the smack down on him when he thought he could grab a bone from her mouth.  Stains really likes him.  Although Stains plays a little too rough, he and Bosco get along marvelously.  Sammy the cat?  Well, the verdict is still out on that one.

Here's a picture of Bosco curled up in my lap (sort of) at Christmas.  Looks kind of creepy I think.

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